Spotlight on our 2018 Scholarship Winner: Julia Wall


Julia Wall has been giving back to children in need since she was a child herself. At eight years old, Julia and her sister, Ariana, adopted from China and Vietnam respectively, co-founded the nonprofit KidStuff. KidStuff’s mission is to provide children with the inspiration and tools they need to “make a little difference” for those in need by developing kid-centric projects for raising funds and addressing specific needs. Recently, Julia was awarded a Jenkins Summer Service Fellowship from the Garrison Forest School. During the Fellowship, Julia traveled to China to provide education to homebound, disabled students. Julia designed a curriculum to effectively teach children English with the culminating project taking the students out into the community to take photos and use these to write about their lives. The ultimate goal of having these students begin to learn to trust themselves and imagine a future of agency and employment felt to be achieved during her time there. Julia will be attending the University of Maryland, College Park starting in fall 2018.

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